Dunedin Neighborhoods

It's Dunedin's village quaintness coupled with its progressive vision that brings and keeps people in Dunedin. It's not surprising, that many seasonal visitors stay once they discover Dunedin is without the trappings and congestion of most Florida resort towns. Dunedin reflects the rich Scottish heritage of its founding fathers, this makes it charming and has earned the distinction of the oldest town south of Cedar Key.

How to Get There

from Tampa International Airport, exit the airport and watch for signs that direct you to Clearwater via Highway 60. Once you get to Clearwater, head north on US19. Take a left on 580 and follow through to Main Street (30 minutes without traffic).

Life in Dunedin

"As a Dunedin resident, you enjoy our city's award-winning services in a dynamic, livable, accessible environment. We are a community defined by our family-friendly atmosphere, artsy small town vibe , tree-lined streets, and beautifully well maintained parks and recreation facilities." ~~ From the City of Dunedin